A circular economy feeds back into its own development and thus closes the loop. It is a regenerative economic model aimed at minimising waste and maximising resources. This sustainable economic approach uses a ‘repair, reuse, recycle’ model of production – which is in stark contrast to the traditional linear model of ‘take, make, dispose’. R/Fitting Room collections are VIP players in the circular economy.

The R/Fitting Room rescues luxury excess materials and reuses these materials by upcycling them into beautiful new collections. Thus ‘textile waste’ otherwise nearing its end of life in the linear cycle that would typically go to landfill or incineration remains in the fashion loop through our circular fashion design strategies.

    1. Don’t buy more than you need!
    2. Buy local where possible
    3. Support circular economy businesses – and close the loop!


The fashion industry produces approximately 20 percent of all global water waste. Additionally, 85 percent of textiles end up in landfills or are incinerated, when most of these materials could be reused.

Yet over the last few years, the fashion industry and its consumers have finally started focusing more on the humongous problem of sustainability. Consequently, a necessary spotlight has been cast on the circular economy as an alternative to the old linear economy that the fashion industry has exhausted for so long.


Deconstruct second hand reusable materials and give them a second life by redesigning it into new collections in an effort to build a circular fashion system.



We R/imagine the power of creativity by welcoming the next generation of sustainable designers with their zero waste, upcycling and reconstruction talents into the core of our mission to bring them to market.



Showcase the designers innovation during fashion weeks, social events and shows. Sell their garments on our online platform and/or fundraising events to make contributions to nonprofit organizations that support honorable causes.



We are guided by our values and have come up with three designs strategies to ensure we are designing out of waste, minimizing our carbon footprint and transforming the way clothes are designed.



To use the most responsible materials out there.



As part of our commitment with the evolution of the fashion industry, our mission is not only to raise awareness on the global textile waste and its detrimental impact, but also to create strategic partnerships with designers and design schools by bringing sustainable fashion and recycling through their work, and promoting their creativity and innovation from one of a kind designs.

With our innovative techniques and sustainable designer collaborations, we are catalysing the circular fashion revolution.