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A direct-to-consumer marketplace sustainable fashion platform featuring pieces by emerging designers, selected for their creativity, originality and alignment with our ethos. Creations are showcased and sold as one-of-a-kind (OOAK) pieces or limited editions. Our aim is to innovate the way in which consumers buy from fashion marketplaces, with a better conscious mind to save our planet from more pollution. They not only discover new talents, they discover the story behind each creation. Together we appreciate fashion as an art form and growth of the best and next generation of designers, whose beautiful work captures their unique stories through their creativity and always in a circular fashion way.

Designer in focus: Each designer has a mentioned profile sustainable saying on our platform, curated by our expert team. Physical space: Opportunity to showcase your collection at our pop-ups and private fashion shows and special events. Future ready, advice on building a sustainable business in the digital age. Exposure to top international stylists, photographers in magazines and media news: designers will be expose to different media exposure through magazines editorials and tv fashion shows, etc…

Please complete all required fields in the application form. You will need to send your portfolio or any sketches. Once approved by our curation team, we will be in touch within 1-2 weeks with an on-boarding contract for you to sign.

Requirements are to be a fashion designer in school or already graduated. Being able to provide a portfolio or sketches. Have a passion for fashion, be amazingly creative and really think out of the box. We want to see your creativity and being passionate about our planet and the environment.

Once approved, you will be asked to provide minimum 3 different designs (or more if you like) for women, men or both, with the materials giving at that time. 

We will always have a Denim Collection, 70% has to be used in designs in order to unify the collective based on this precise collection. You can use other added materials, studs,  etc … 

These materials are already fully made, they are recycled, and the Challenge is that they have to be deconstructed and reconstructed to make a completely new garment, therefore the One Of A Kind (OOAK).
Jumpsuit Challenge (each Designer will be given 1 Jumpsuit or more of their choice to make it totally their own), either for men, women, unisex or both.
You can cut the sleeves / legs, add, undo… Endless
All the garments will be unique pieces, and a unique size, preferably small or medium and will not to be reproduced in any way. Garments will be exhibited in presentation events, fashion shows, functions and will be sold in our website.

<A percentage of the total sale will be for the designer. Other percentages will go to environmental/honorable causes to save our planet and any promotional purposes.

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