Miami, Florida (March 2020)

In March 2020 untill this day during this Pandemic, R-Fitting Room with their local Miami Designers, took action and partnered with World Red Eye and the Miami Marlins who donated nearly 1,000 T-shirts so they could be re- purposed to produce over 7,500 much needed masks and donating them to the front line heroes during this crisis.

R-Fitting Room

Miami Team

Through #WRECares in partnership with The Little House Foundation, R-Fitting Room donates each week over 600 Face Masks to the South Florida Community, Miami Beach Police Department, First Responders, Hospitals like Joe Di Maggio Children’s Hospital & University of Miami Health System, as well creating Children’s Face Masks to Non Profit Organizations like Kristi House (dedicated to eradicating child abuse/sex trafficking) to name a few and other orga- nizations like Amigos Near Foundation (mission to help underprivileged kids in Haiti).

At R-Fitting Room, led by Denise Serrano Jost

“we love giving back and so happy with our designers who have transitioned their businesses to become mask makers and are working endlessly to produce masks to our South Florida Community and those in need. Together in Miami we strikeout Covid-19, 1 Mask 1 World.”

#WRECares Children’s Mask Making Face Masks with Denise Serrano of R Fitting Room

By World Red Eye on May 7th, 2020